Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting Involved!


Ben has made several new acquaintances who are in Cubscouts. we are!  He seemed very uninterested in joining until the day of the first informational meeting.  Steve rushed home in time to take him and I've been to the scary scout store several times, purchased the shirt, patches, neckerchief, neckerchief thing-to-hold-it-on, belt, belt buckle, & scout guide book.  It seems as if this will not be the last trip as there are LOTS of things at this store.  Oh, and we've purchased a tent.  Oh, MY!!!  

Sunday was his first Cubscout meeting.  I must say, the sweaty boy that came home with a huge smile and rumpled uniform made it all worth the trouble!

Dad and I love you, Ben!  We hope you have some good memories and make some good friends.

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e. l. wood said...

very cool, ben. we're proud of you. hope to camp with you some day soon.
uncle e